Who's That?

Who's that in the corner?

One of the best things about Blackhorse is the way it brings people together. People who have absolutely nothing in common. Nothing, that is, except a love of good coffee.

Any time of day you come to Blackhorse, you’ll find most of the seats taken. Whether it’s 5 o’clock in the morning, the middle of the day, or 11:30 at night. One day recently, we went around the shop and found:

- An attorney in deep discussion with his clients.
- A Cal Poly student putting the finishing touches on a term paper.
- Three Atascadero women taking a break from their San Luis Obispo shopping trip.
- Two hair stylists from the salon down the street.

- A well-known local politician.
- A writer struggling with his latest screenplay.
- Two real estate developers and an architect wheeling and dealing over in the corner.
- Three bicyclists planning tomorrow’s ride.
- A retired couple enjoying muffins with their coffee.
- The owner of a local winery.
- Five members of a local car club.

Just an average hour at here at our shop. Fact is, you never know whom you’ll meet at Blackhorse. But you know it won’t be boring.