Why Blackhorse

How did we come up with the name "BlackHorse?"

It was either that or “Liberated Beans Coffee” or “Poor Immigrant Coffee.” Perhaps an explanation is in order.

The story goes that long ago there was a poor, immigrant grandfather. According to one story, the grandfather was so poor that he owned nothing but a broken-down wagon and a beautiful black horse.

To supplement his income, the old man occasionally hitched his horse to the wagon and rode down to the docks, where – if he was lucky – he was able to “liberate” a few bags of coffee beans as they were unloaded from the ships.

After racing home, he roasted the beans, knowing that their tantalizing scent would quickly waft through the neighborhood. As the aroma spread, neighbors gathered at his door, eager to buy a cup of his freshly-brewed coffee.
The story is true and we were inspired by it, because we know our coffee brings people together just surely as the old man’s coffee brought them together at the door to his apartment. And as far as we're concerned, that’s what good coffee is all about.

So the new shops will all be named BlackHorse in honor of the noble beast who helped the old man steal the coffee beans. And, perhaps, because the other two names weren’t very good.